dagger - a command line tagging tool

What is dagger?

dagger is a small command-line utility for unix/linux written in Python which tags and renames audio-files. Currently supported formats are MP3 and OGG Vorbis. dagger's configuration file supports different profiles with their own sets of options.

Current version: 0.3.2

Version 0.3.2 corrects the parsing of filenames in subdirectories. It also contains bugfixes for capitalization of words containing parentheses and dashes.

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The current version of dagger is 0.3.2. Changes are listed in the Changelog. You may download the software with this link:

dagger-0.3.2.tar.gz (18 KB)

For users of APT-based Linux-distributions such as Debian or Ubuntu there is a prepackaged .deb:

dagger_0.3.2-1_all.deb (14 KB)

Older versions

dagger-0.3.1.tar.gz (17 KB)
dagger-0.3.tar.gz (17 KB)
dagger-0.2.tar.gz (18 KB)
dagger-0.1.tar.gz (15 KB)


The following overview is produced when you run dagger without options. If you want further explanation, please refer to the README.

dagger 0.3.2
Copyright (c) 2008 Stephan Windmüller

Syntax: dagger [options] [actions] file(s)
Example: dagger -v -r "%b/%n - %a - %t.ogg" *.ogg

General actions:
 -h, --help                     Show this help
 -r, --rename="format"          Renames the given file(s) to format
 -t, --tag="format"             Parses the filename and saves the tag
 -m, --missing                  Checks for missing tag fields
     --regexp="s/str1/str2/"    Perform regexp replace

Actions which set static tags:  
     --set-artist="name"        Sets the artist tag in all files
     --set-album="name"         Sets the album tag in all files
     --set-comment="name"       Sets the comment tag in all files
     --set-genre="genre"        Sets the genre tag in all files
     --set-tracktotal="num"     Sets the total number of tracks
     --set-auto-tracknum        Sets the track number automatically
     --set-title="title"        Sets the title tag in all files
     --set-date="year"          Sets the date tag in all files

     --basedir="dir"            Move file relative to "dir" while renaming
     --create-dirs              Create needed directories while renaming
 -d, --dry-run                  Do not change files, only show what would happen
     --force                    Allow overwriting of existing files
     --missing-format="fields"  Tags to look at when check for missing ones
     --no-id3v1                 Do not save id3v1 tags
     --no-id3v2                 Do not save id3v2 tags
     --no-suffix                Do not add suffix to format string if missing
     --normalize                Normalize title
     --profile="profile"        Use profile in ~/.daggerrc
 -q, --quiet                    Do not produce any output
     --recursive                Proceed recursive in all subdirectories
 -v, --verbose                  Be verbose

Format may have the following fields:

        %a: ARTIST          %l: TRACKTOTAL
        %b: ALBUM           %n: TRACKNUMBER
        %c: COMMENT         %t: TITLE
        %g: GENRE           %y: DATE
                            %x: ignore this

Contacting the author

Did you find a bug? Do you have any suggestions? Then do not hesitate to contact me: dagger(at)freewarepoint.de

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